OUR differencial

We are a team of professionals with expertise in all practices related to promotional marketing and customer contact points. Our highly qualified team is fully dedicated to the projects and work in a positive environment in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Whether planning, creating or executing corporate or social events or any special action to promote a brand, product or service, we make sure our clients are satisfied.

Ensure satisfaction and positively amaze our customers through creative and innovative solutions for each service provided.

To effectively achieve the best results.



Over 18 years’ experience in retail communication, merchandising and events, using creativity as a major tool while creating distinctive characteristics for each work, which is always considered special and exclusive.

Heriberto Bastos

Project manager with emphasis on technology and internet for more than 15 years. Add services related to Webdesign, and Digital Marketing.

Renata Razo

Market research specialist (Business Inteligence) with 13 years experience in customer profile analysis and measurement of promotional actions results, sales incentive and marketing actions in general.

Luiza Lins

Over 30 years experience in retail communication. Sales specialist with expertise in completing major tasks in short time periods.

Márcio Mourão

Architect with great experience in major events production, set up and dismantle. Skilled in field work and production team coordination.

Mônica Varella

Great experience and focus on entertainment, creating playful and creative solutions in request for sponsorship and partnerships.

Mônica Nunes

Psychologist specialized in coaching professionals with 20 years experience in team

engagement training activities.

Fabiana Silva

Artist and professional artisan, specialized in creating exclusive and unique gifts.


Skilful decoration expert, detail oriented, she transforms spaces in cozy and remarkable environments and makes the decor the highlight of each event.


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