We offer the most complete menu of strategic actions that guarantee excellence and effective results:

High impact
promotional actions

Launch of product, service or brand and
displaying of results data

One-off actions to optimize sales
performance and displaying
survey data and results.



High impact actions that ensure a positive
and lasting impression on
your brand, product or service

Unique product tasting,
always a thrill.

Digital Marketing

Website creation, management and
maintenance of social networks,
apps, AdWords.

Themed Gifts

We created a theme to “tell a story “
through  toast over his brand, product
or service  and customize in
a special way.

Corporate Events:

Creation, planning and execution of Trade
Shows, Conventions and Conferences
holiday parties.
Events for launching a new product,
service or brand.


Bilingual staff.


Transfer, hotel booking, 24-hour
assistance and monitoring.


Tailored tours according to the
client’s profile.

Social Event

With the same dedication and 
experience of corporate events,

Social Events
Internal marketing:

we believe that your employee is an
essential agent to “sell” the company´s
values and quality of its products and services.

Motivational campaigns
 Sales Incentive Campaigns
Customized actions for Commercial calendar
(Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter).
Training of employees at all levels
by a coaching psychologist.

Market survey

An effective action should have its
planning and results based on surveys.
• Survey to measure employee engagement

• Market research: analysis of the product
 or service in the market 
(qualitative and quantitative).

Mystery Shopping

An auditor pretends to be a customer
to experience 
employee behavior at 
the point of sale or even to analyze
consumer behavior.

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